We started to write some real docs. The manual will be written on the OpenXPKI wiki.


In this section you can find slides from previous workshops regarding development and use-cases of OpenCA 0.9.2/OpenXPKI. On 2004-10-12 the first OpenCA workshop was held in Munich. We plan to continue organizing such workshops and will publish the slides and other information that may be valuable for a larger audience here.

Development documentation

This area is used to document development ideas and design information for developers. Please note that this is no source code documentation, it is more or less a scratch pad.

Packages/ports of OpenXPKI

OpenXPKI team maintains packages/ports to facilitate out-of-the-box download and install of the OpenXPKI suite for a number of platforms:

Legacy OpenCA 0.9.2 documentation

If you are searching for the old OpenCA 0.9.2 documentation please visit the legacy section.