The OpenXPKI Project has not published formal releases so far.

If you want to try out an OpenXPKI snapshot, you can download the OpenXPKI Live (beta) CD ISO image, which comes with a pre-configured OpenXPKI environment suitable for testing.

Resources section has links to the SourceForge svn facility. If you are interested in the development code you can fetch it from here.

Last Midnight Snapshot. You can get

If you notice that autogenerated tarballs are outdated or corrupted, please report to the openxpki-users mailing list.

Archived snapshots. Some of the intermediate snapshots are archived at SourceForge. Mainly to facilitate FreeBSD porting. Snapshots are called "releases" there because of the SourceForge design. But do not be confused. They are just what they are.

Packages/ports of OpenXPKI

OpenXPKI team maintains packages/ports to facilitate out-of-the-box download and install of the OpenXPKI suite for a number of platforms:

OpenCA 0.9.2 Legacy Support section some contains information on the predecessor project OpenCA.