The foundation builds the base of our organizational structure. The major building block is the charter which is currently being prepared. We will discuss the charter on the OpenXPKI users mailing list. The major management unit of the foundation is the board as defined by the charter. The foundation forms a full democratic management approach for an Open Source community. If you have any comments about this feel free to start a discussion on our users list.

We forked away from OpenCA because of the several problems with organization and management of the project. We created a formal body around the new project to avoid such problems in the future. The foundation is not registered today and thus it is not a registered legal entity. We only will do so if this is required to protect the project.

As of today there are three major documents:


Currently there are following ongoing discussions related to the project:

  1. The charter itself.
  2. Software license.
  3. Copyright of the code (personal copyrights vs. project copyrights).