OpenCA Legacy Documentation

OpenCA is no longer maintained or supported by the OpenXPKI developers. However, we retain some documentation of the legacy OpenCA 0.9.2 version, as this information is no longer available the project's website.

OpenCA Sub Projects

OpenCA includes some tool programs that can be useful for cryptographic software. OpenXPKI makes use of the openca-scep program to provide an SCEP server.


This command line tool can sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt (binary) data. This includes signatures from HTML forms generated with Internet Explorer or Mozilla. You can use this tool for encryption of your backups too. The syntax resembles the OpenSSL command line tool.


The OCSPD implements an OCSP server which can use an LDAP directory as backend.


This tool can be used to create or extract SCEP messages. It uses a syntax similar to OpenSSL and is used by OpenXPKI to provide SCEP functionality.